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Patricia D. Pittman, M.D., MBA




This is a line of great products and supplements. I love these products (especially the shakes) because they are whey, soy, dairy, gluten, and sugar free. They are also organic and non-GMO. While there are some other “meal-replacement” type shake products out there, i.e. Shakeology, you will be surprised to find that each of their shakes is LOADED with sugar and other things (“things”= bovine albumin, bovine IgG, and cheap protein, like whey).

People often think that whey protein is the only option available in a powder, well that’s not true…and you may be surprised to find out what whey really is.

I wrote a whole post on whey protein shakes and powders…..check it out, here!

Because I follow a plant-based diet, I have tried ALL.SORTS of plant-based protein powders, and much like you’d suspect, they tasted like dirt. It was a waste of $30-40 dollars each time I tried a new brand. You can imagine the frustration. When I was introduced to Pure-Trim I could not believe how tasty the shakes where, seriously, the vanilla tastes like cupcake batter! I was, and still am, hooked on these! In fact, I took 7 boxes with my to Thailand for Teacher Training…that’s how much I love these shakes!

I have one of these shakes every morning as a meal-replacement and it keeps me full throughout the morning. I have no cravings and no hunger pangs, which is especially important when working long hours at the hospital. Pure-Trim also has an AutoShip option which will bill and ship you your order every month so you don’t forget to order!

Pure-Trim’s whole line of products are based on a Mediterranean system and are designed to keep you full, reduce food cravings and loose or maintain your current weight.


If you need to lose weight or know someone who needs to lose weight, check out this video:

PureTrim Skinny Video


Unlike some of the other companies out there, Pure-Trim has been around for 15 years and is based out of my own backyard in Chandler, AZ. The founder, Dr. Mark (an M.D) bases his products on the premise that the body ages from the inside out, not the other-way around. Therefore, if you feed & nourish your body with wholesome ingredients–and less toxins and free-radicals–the cells in the body remain viable for a longer period of time.

Check ’em out, and if you do not love them, I will buy back your unused shakes at face-value!


Pure-Trim Products I Use Everyday…..



Great for dry skin, sunburns, kitchen burns, or dry hands. I used this as my only face ‘cream’…once in the morning & once in the evening after my showers. This skin serum is non-greasy and smells amazing!

*Vanilla Protein Shakes*


Add frozen strawberries and banana for a delicious meal-replacement!

*Daily Complete*


Liquid daily vitamin that absorb better than the standard horse-pills!

*Female Balance*


This might sound silly as I am NO.WHERE near menopause and I have never had PMS issues….however, the ingredients in Female Balance add a natural energy boost that help get me through a long day. This is especially helpful since I have had to cut way-back on my caffeine intake.