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Patricia D. Pittman, M.D., MBA

Pregnancy Favorites

I was pregnant for 40 weeks and 6 days…that’s 286 days, 6,864 hours or 411,840 minutes…and I L-O-V-E-D every single minute of it! Aside from holding my son for the first time and falling in love with Charles, these were the greatest minutes, hours and days of my life.


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31 Weeks!


Pregnancy and bringing a new life into this world is one of those “ahh-mazing” things & I was blessed with possibly the worlds easiest pregnancy, so much so, I sometimes feel guilty talking about it! Regardless, this post is not about THAT…this post is about all the great things I used in pregnancy that made my experience that much more enjoyable.

If you are pregnant or know someone who is pregnant, some of these things may be of use to them 🙂 Enjoy!


At Home Doppler


My absolute FAVORITE pregnancy gift! If you are anything like me, the first trimester can me the most exhilarating and also the most terrifying trimester as you can’t feel anything, you are overly emotional and the visits to your doctor feel like they are ages apart. Four weeks can feel like a lifetime when you are growing a human.

(We had the Womb Music edition) With our doppler, Charles and I were able to hear Bo’s heartbeat at 10 weeks and 2 days. It took a load of patience and about half a tube of ultrasound gel, but we found it! The greatest part, was that the doppler came with a headphone splitter adapter so both Charles and I could listen at the same time. I found it to be a great bonding experience for Charles and me and also for me and my little miracle nugget! I have known Bo’s heartbeat for 9 of his 11 months of life, and THAT is a pretty amazing feeling!

Depending on what crew you roll with, there may be some controversy around the use of home dopplers, but here’s the deal…there is no true data to support the theory either way, and for me the peace of mind was greater than the overt anxiety I would have had without it. My doctor had no problem with me using mine. Also, don’t go crazy with each use, we limited our sessions to 10 minutes twice a day. We would find the heartbeat, listen for a minute and then turn it off. The sound of your little one’s heartbeat can be addicting, I promise you that, so have control my friends!

Along with this, you will need a lot of ultrasound gel….if there is not enough gel when you are trying to find the heartbeat, there may be increased static and the transmission of the heartbeat may not be as good. So, don’t be shy….and keep a washcloth near by!



Belly Bands

When I was pregnant, I was determined to wear my non-pregnancy clothes for as long as I could, because let’s face it, pregnancy gear can be expensive. And because I only wore it for such a limited amount of time, saving money here was a huge interest of mine! I loved these belly bands because they fit right over your jeans/work pants and paired with a cute top and accessories, it looks like an expensive maternity outfit. I didn’t have to break down and buy maternity jeans until about month 7 & even then I bought clothes on discount!


Pregnancy Leggings

I only bought two pair of jeans, but LOVED my pregnancy leggings and they were great for all seasons of the year that I was pregnant. If you are a professional & have to wear real clothes to work (i.e. not scrubs) these are worth getting. Again, paired with an adorable top and sweater, you will be killing in the maternity fashion arena. These were a 6-7 month pregnancy purchase, and one that I wish I would have bought earlier because they were so dang cozy and so versatile!


Compression Socks

An absolute MUST for all pregnant mamas! Having good lower extremity compression will help to improve your circulation and keep your swelling down. Two things you definitely want to maximize while you are pregnant. I was standing and racing through the hallways of the hospital most of the days that I was pregnant, so having dependent swelling was not on my wanted list. I love this brand because they have the BEST compression of any brand I have tried & they come is super cute styles. You can get cheaper compression socks, say at the pharmacy, but I promise you, you will get what you pay for. I have had my Sockwells since my first year of residency and bought more while I was pregnant. They are made well and will last long past your pregnancy days.


Leachco Snoogle

I have to admit that I used to laugh at these ridiculously large pregnancy pillows…and then I found my foot in my mouth because this is legitimately the GREATEST invention E-V-E-R! This was a gift from a girlfriend of mine & I was very unsure at first. It took me again until 7 months to put it on the bed. At about 7 months the sleeping situation gets a little more difficult. No more back sleeping or stomach sleeping and limited right-sided sleeping…so that leaves you with the left side. And let’s hope you like to sleep on your left…if not, well…using the pillow will make it that much better. The shorter part is where your head goes and the larger part is for your legs, and your belly snuggles right up on the long part. I never thought I was going to be able to get a full nights sleep while in the third trimester, but using this was like sleeping on clouds. Unfortunately, the size of the pillow is also like having a third person in bed with you and your spouse. But at the end of your pregnancy you don’t care, and they are pretty understanding. But when I tried to keep the pillow on the bed after I was pregnant, it soon found it’s way to the spare bedroom. But don’t be fooled, I still sneak away to snuggle my snoogle from time to time!


Cute Slippers

These were EVERYTHING at 8-9 months pregnant! Save the money on the maternity clothes and invest in cute, durable slippers…you will thank me! The great thing about these, whether UGG or otherwise, is that they slip on easy (i.e you do NOT have to bend over to put them on, there are no socks required, and no laces) and because they are super-duper cute, you can wear them in public and no one will really know the wiser that you are wearing your house slippers in public. Believe me, slippers with true soles are a life saver! And if you buy a pair (or pairs) or good quality, you will have them after pregnancy and beyond.


Other simple things that I loved in pregnancy……

  • Cozy pants for around the house
  • Manicures and Pedicures (Remember all that money you save NOT buying maternity clothes…use it here to spoil yourself, especially towards the end!)
  • Staying active! If you are an active person, stay active as long as you can. I was able to spin until 7.5 months which helped keep me and baby healthy, but also helped me keep my sanity!
  • Hanging out with other pregnant moms (unless they are the toxic kinda pregnant women who try and one-up everything about pregnancy-stay away from them!)
  • Spending quiet time at home with Charles

Alright friends that does it for my pregnancy favorites list! Also, remember when things get tough and you can’t imagine the whole 9-10 months of pregnancy, it is only temporary! And after this hopefully blissful experience, you get to meet your prince or princess for the first time & your life changes forever (for the better!)

Best of luck to all my pregnant mamas out there! We can’t wait to meet your new beautiful angels!

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Bo Dakin, 2.5 weeks

Much Love & Namaste,