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Patricia D. Pittman, M.D., MBA

~* A Yogi’s Trip Home *~

A couple of weekends back I was visiting my beautiful home state of Arizona. It is sometimes difficult for me to return home for visits due to the demanding schedule of a resident and also the fact that the 4.5 hour flight from one coast to another is far less than convenient. However, as luck would have it I had Labor Day off so I said F*CK it and flew home for a little over 48hrs. While it may seem crazy, it was well worth it!

While I was home I was able to reconnect with family and a few bubble mates from my Bikram yoga training days in Thailand. It is an amazing friendship we have–us Bikram yoga bubble mates–we don’t always get to see each other, but when we do it’s like no time has ever passed. We can pick up right where we left off…and best of all, there is a bond, a love, and a mutual respect we share for one another, because we were there to pick each other off the floor (sometimes literally) when we felt like we just couldn’t handle one more Bikram class.

But all that aside, this trip home was even more special in the sense that I got to take my Thailand roommate’s class. Tara is probably one of the most beautiful human souls that roams this earth. She is warm, truthful, funny and everything she does is with love. So, when I saw her name on the Silent Class for 8AM Sunday class I knew she was going to blow my socks off.


After Tara’s Class, September 2016.
Before Training, April 2015


There are a million ways a studio can do a silent class….Tara’s class was silent, with a little music and simple dialogue cues at the beginning of postures. The rest of the class was between you and your breath.  What a cool experience. This was my first time ever doing a silent class, and truth-be-told I nearly passed out. Seems funny, but I think sometimes as teachers we may unintentionally shorten postures with our dialogue. In this class, there was no dialogue….so the postures went on, and on, and on, and on , and on…until finally Tara closed out her posture. Wholly crap, it takes one heck of a strong teacher to teach this class!

The other thing I loved about the class was that it was FUN!! I mean, if you know Tara you know she is a fun person, but her music choices were on-point and I found myself doing a little shimmy at the beginning of standing head to knee and standing bow pulling pose. I just couldn’t help but smile…THE WHOLE CLASS! (even when I was secretly about to pass out!) Plus practicing next to Tara the whole class almost moved me to tears because it reminded me of our days in Thailand, but also because I could feel Tara’s whole heart in that room.


That same day I got to meet up with two other Training mates, Lorraine and Pooja. Lorraine lives in AZ and Pooja lives in Cali and had just gotten back to the States from a 9 month world-wide adventure teaching and practicing yoga (insert jealousy here!). So, imagine my surprise when BOTH Lorraine and Pooja were available for lunch. It was almost 2 hours of catching up and laughing, something I think all of our hearts really needed. Again, something that can’t quite be explained, but there is this unspoken/unwritten connection we all feel for one another.


And last, but certainly not least, Lauren! Ahhh, Lauren and I have been friends since college. We had a ton of biology classes together and she was my go-to person when I wanted to go cycling at 24 hour Fitness during the week. We were sort of the each others equivalent, only I was MD-bound and she was DVM-bound. Lauren and I would go months and even years without seeing each other, but every time we did it was like no time passed at all. We would often commiserate our journey through school…tests, residencies, and jobs, but we would always reassure each other (and ourselves) that we were doing exactly what we were made to do.

Now looking back it is AMAZING to see where we have come. From the days of the San Diego sun to meeting up in Arizona on a random Labor day weekend in 2016. I am so incredibly proud of the doctor that she has become, the wife that she is and the mother that she will be in a few months time. img_0113

I don’t have a lot of close women friends…but those that I do have I keep close! I love these ladies (and more-not mentioned here!) and would drop any and everything to help them when I can and to celebrate their milestones when they arise. Even if it means flying to another state during the weekend for a baby shower or flying to another country just to visit. I have been blessed with a tight-knit group and for that I am blessed.

I look forward to my next trip to Arizona and the surprise adventures that always seem to await me!


Much love & Namaste,


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