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Patricia D. Pittman, M.D., MBA


Can you believe it, 5 weeks done and over with!

“Power Is Of Two Kinds. One Is Obtained By Fear Of Punishment And The Other By Acts Of Love. Power Based On Love Is A Thousand Times More Effective And Permanent Than The One Driven By Fear Of Punishment” –Gandhi

This week was a pretty uneventful week other than Bikram comimg back to training. The best part of his return was the fact that he put everyone back into place. There’s an interesting shift in people when the boss is away–not just in this Bikram world, but in most hierarchy driven institutions–one that commonly reveals a persons true colors…good, bad, or indifferent.

Power is a funny thing…some people can handle it, and some can’t. Those that can’t, follow; those that can, lead.


Anyhow….He taught Thursday and Friday nights and the classes were great, powerful! He corrected me both nights….and for those not aware of how Bikram “corrects”, let me tell you…it sounds a lot less like a school teacher and much more like screaming and yelling!

There are two ways to look at the corrections by Bikram…1. you can take them personally and loose yourself in it, OR 2. you take it as a compliment. Of the 200+ people in the room, he is looking at YOU! Also, when you put yourself front-and-center in the hot room–directly in his eye-line–you are inadvertently signing up for a couple lashings.

I think the most interesting of all this, was how my peers responded to my corrections…like I “took one for the team” for getting yelled at (err….”corrected”), like it was a bad thing. Look, THIS is why we are here, to be better, not to hide in the corner and “just get by” so we can get a certificate at the end. And the truth is, anyone who knows me…getting yelled at, or corrected, or called out….that ain’t nothing but a thang’! THAT won’t steal my happiness, my peace, or my joy!

So next week, I will be right back in Bikram’s hot-zone woking hard and doing my best. Anyone who wants to join me, feel free!


Because this week was pretty uneventful, I thought I would share some pictures of what the OUTSIDE of the room looks like. We were asked not to take pictures of the inside of the hot room or lectures rooms, and I am going to respect that. But I thought it would be fun to show the outside and what our day-to-day looks like. You might be wondering why? Well, because it’s actually rather funny…..

We make the walk from our rooms to the hot room every AM and PM & I have no complaints because the walk itself is lovely…it’s green and lush, you get to say hello to the gardeners and the security guards who are always very kind, and you get to see the altar…all very nice.




Then you make your way towards the hot room…..

unnamed (10)
unnamed (11)
Room and Waiting Area!

…..which happens to sit adjacent to some sewage construction zone.

This is humorous to me because everyday–twice a day–we enter the hot room for a 90 minute moving meditation and on our way, and on our way out….all you smell is the most repulsive sewage stank you could ever imagine….EVER.IMAGINE! What’s worse is when we finish the class and the doors are opened to let “fresh air” in….it again, is sewage.

So on the one-hand the open doors is SO welcomed because the room is beyond hot, but on the other hand its really unwelcomed because the sewage smell is just that repulsive!





The green tarps are new. When we first got here, there were no tarps, just junk and sewage. I think they put the tarps up as an illusion, so perhaps if we couldn’t see the sewage we wouldn’t smell it…oh no, we still smell it!


The fun of teacher training is only half-way through, and I can’t wait to see what else is coming our way. Rajashree is back this week for her lectures which I think we are all really excited about that, and apparently we have some more guest teachers coming as well!

Yesterday a beautiful group of yoginis went to the Buddhist Temples here in Thailand and it was BEYOND spiritually moving.

10 Temple Yoginis!

I will share this adventure next week when I have a little more time to write, albeit I am sure I will not do the experience justice but I will do my best to convey.


Much Love & Namaste


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