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Patricia D. Pittman, M.D., MBA


It’s time for me to turn the page in my yoga journey!

I have been practicing Bikram yoga for just about 2.5yrs and after my second class I knew I wanted to become a teacher. (Read my journey, here!) Bikram yoga teachers (most of them) are strong, elegant and–in my opinion–are part of the elitist of the yoga community. The Bikram yoga Teacher Training, BYTT, is only held twice a year (Spring & Fall) and each training session is 9 weeks long. The cost of training?!…..$12,500!!!  Attending BYTT is not a decision one makes on a whim.

Having been in medical school there was no way I was going to simply chisel out this time (or the financial resources) to go practice yoga night & day for nine weeks. But I remained hopeful that someday, somehow I would get the opportunity.



The universe is funny in it’s mysterious ways, and through my practice of yoga I have truly become much less forceful with making things work. Instead I simply allow things to unfold the way they are meant to be.

Well, the universe spoke, and I listened….

I am excited to share that I will be traveling to Phuket, Thailand in a short 5 days to begin this incredible journey to becoming a yoga teacher. Sharing this experience with 300-400 of my closest yoga friends from all over the world!

bikram yoga




We will be put-up in a beautiful beachside resort in the town of Khoa Lak, and while the training itself is intense, I look forward to this life-changing experience.



BYTT is not like other yoga trainings, there is no fluffy foo-foo business. We take class twice a day in a heated room (~120 degrees w/ ~50% humidity) for the whole nine weeks, punctuated by lecture and posture clinics ALL.DAY.LONG!

While some might shy away from such an intense experience, I am going to accept this one whole-heartedly and really be open to the things that come my way over the next 9 weeks.

After this 9 week hiatus I will be officially joining the workforce as a house-staff member at Duke University, and there will be no more chances to take 9-weeks off to play in the beautiful crystal-clear waters of Thailand!

I’ve got my Visa in hand & I have a rock-star roommate, Tara who is also from Arizona!



In preparation for my trip I completed a 30-day challenge, something I haven’t done since I first started the yoga years ago. This challenge taught me so much about myself and about my body. In yoga everyday is truly a new day. Just because one day you were flexible and limber doesn’t mean the next day will be the same. During the challenge I was constantly built up and broken down. I was reminded to be gentle with myself and to respect my body no matter what my postures may have looked like.



For any yogi or yogini wondering whether they should do a challenge, the answer is Yes! you absolutely should! You will surprise yourself on a level you never knew possible.


So now as I put the final touches on my packing, I ask each of you to join me on this journey! I will be writing a weekly update (more if possible) during my time there and will be as raw as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me grow over the last 2.5yrs encouraging me to reach this point. I am especially grateful to my BYRS family for the unconditional support! If you are in the east valley area, come join me June 22-27th for my first few classes from the podium.

Much Love & Namaste



P.S. I have also been working on my Products pages with some of my favorite things—Check ’em out!

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