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Patricia D. Pittman, M.D., MBA

…2 Bags For Thailand!

As I prepare for my trip to Thailand I have been asked the same question over & over….”Sooooo, what are you taking with you?”

I thought it would be fun to share with all of you what exactly I am taking with me for the next 9 weeks! Per my airline, I am allotted 2 carry-ons & 2 checked-bags with a 50lb weight limit each….and you know I’d be damned if I wasn’t gonna use every last pound!

So, here we go……

I’m taking two carry-ons…one with my laptop, Dialogue, & reading material….and in the other…..the essentials for flight:


IcyHot Patches….The best for long flights….Period.

IMG_7440I also brought a blanket, sweatshirt, socks, and slippers…because we all know how those ice-box airplanes can be!


A foam-roller and a couple Pure-Trim protein shakes to ward off hunger-pangs and back spasms. The foam-roller will be especially helpful in Hong-Kong during my layover to work out some kinks before my second-leg….5 hours from Hong-Kong to Phuket.


Lastly, I brought along some good-ole CHUCK to help pass the time. CHUCK and I go way back, so it will be nice to have a little home-comfort while I am away!

In My Checked Bags:


My Hydroflask with JugLug carrying handle.


12 yoga outfits….one for each class, plus one…just in case!


7 boxes of Pure-Trim shakes….at least one for each day!


IMG_7433 2


Nuun electrolyte replacement tabs in a variety of flavors, ConcenTrace & Vitamin C….because getting sick is NOT an option!

IMG_74239 bars of Chandrika soap….


…and 1 bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap! There will be a lot of showers in 9 weeks & I plan to smell the best-of-the-best!


Miscellaneous things such as iron pills, pink Himalayan salt, Ibuprophen & Female Balance…


My favorite Lypsyl lip balm, all natural, coconut oil-based….




…Deodorant, toothpaste, liquid bandaid, & Pepto-Bismol….

As you can imagine there is a lot to consider when you know you’ll be away for 9 weeks. Having lived in another country previously for two years, I am no virgin to international packing. My rule of thumb…pack everything possible that you think or know you’ll need, because you never know what is actually available where you are going.

Some of my fellow yogis may take the exact opposite view of mine..i.e pack and live the minimalist lifestyle while in Thailand. And to them I think that is wonderful, enjoy the au-natural, simplistic being….but I my friends am going to be as comfortable as possible!

If you’re wondering why all my things are wrapped in plastic….exploding liquids–in your suitcase– is a mistake you only make once.


P.S. All the products I am taking with me and that I use are available through my Products Page. I trust these products and hope you find them to be as great as I do!


We are T-minus-48-hours!

Much Love & Namaste


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